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We are a group of teachers, PhD, MSc and Bc students of the Center of Intelligent Cybernetic Systems at the Technical University of Košice (Slovakia), who are interested in development of technologies, which have found their common use in the area known as Internet of Things (IoT). We try to interconnect various devices and to create a service environment for a human. Especially, our interest is focused on using means of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in IoT tasks (data processing, decision making support, control, etc.), which would enable to a mobile robot its function in the environment of the so-called Intelligent Space (IS).

Our Youtube channel: IoT Kosice

Recommended FB group: AI-CIT(Intelligent Systems) (not only but sometimes also about IoT)

Our Aims:

  1. Creating a common platform in the form of an IS for research and demonstration of IoT tasks and problems.
  2. Solving problems connected with sensing data, their collection and processing as well as their utilization in tasks of decision making support or cooperative control.
  3. Research in the area of ubiquitous robotics, i.e. use of IoT means for needs of a robot or a group of robots (localisation, navigation, path planning) as well as a robot as an element of IoT, too.

  4. Education of IoT principles and ubiquitous robotics in the form of demonstrations, projects and final thesis.
  5. Support in designing student projects offering them a variety of sensors, communication and computational means including cloud and fog computing.
  6. Public propagation of IoT and ubiquitous robotics at various events, conferences as well as by other publication activities (videos, papers in journals, etc.).

Our Team:

  1. Ján Vaščák (group leader)

  2. Michal Puheim

  3. Jakub Hvizdoš

  4. Renát Haluška

Research Interests (real & scheduled):



Final Thesis:

Public Events:

Our Supporters & Projects:

  1. KEGA (Cultural and Educational Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education), No. 034TUKE-4/2014 - Integration of Study Programs in the Fields of Cybernetics and Artificial Intelligence (2014-2016).

  2. Foundation of Tatra Bank, Programme Quality of Education, No. 2015vs075 - Coexistence of Robot and Human in the Education of Internet of Things (2016).

  3. APVV (Slovak Research and Development Agency), No. APVV-15-0731 - Multimodal Interaction Man-Robot Using Cloud-based Means (2016-2019).


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  2. VAŠČÁK J., MICHNA R.: Learning of Fuzzy Cognitive Maps by a PSO Algorithm for Movement Adjustment of Robots, In: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Springer, 2014, Vol. 316, 2015, pp. 155-162.

  3. PUHEIM M., MADARÁSZ L., VAŠČÁK J.: A Proposal for Multi-Purpose Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Library for Complex System Modeling, In: 14th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI), 2015, pp. 175-180.

  4. HVIZDOŠ J., VAŠČÁK J, BŘEZINA A.: Object Identification and Localization by Smart Floors, In: IEEE 19th International Conference on Intelligent Engineering Systems (INES), 2015, pp. 113-117.

  5. VAŠČÁK J., HVIZDOŠ J.: Vehicle Navigation by Fuzzy Cognitive Maps Using Sonar and RFID Technologies, In: 15th IEEE International Symposium on Applied Machine Intelligence and Informatics (SAMI), 2016, pp. 75-80.


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Center for Intelligent Technology is equipped with 16 NAO Humanoid Robots for research and educational purposes towards Intelligent technologies.

Annually the branch of AI finishaprx. 25 people in Bc. and MSc. . PhD level is also very active - we do have 11 alumni in AI past 15 years in branch of AI.