Course Outline Summer 2013


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Evaluation of the semester (maximum 40 points)


Due to the changes in course, we had modified the evaluation scores:

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Sources CIT KKUI TUKE, Summer 2014


The essays should be created in compliance with the templates (MS Word, LaTex). Alongside with the electronic version of essay, please send also your presentation (in .ppt or .pdf). The essay is considered not completed until it was presented (in 10th week of semester).

The essay should have around 1200 words, and it have to have:

Themes for essays

AI in search tools - what methods or principles originating from AI field are used in modern search engines?

David Korady

AI in security software - what methods or principles originating from AI field are used in security software(firewalls, anti-virus, spam detectors...)

Jakub Hanak

AI in computer games

Marek Mackulin

AI in cars

Patrik Blahuta

AI in financial applications - fraud detections, risk assessment, etc.

Ludmila Gazdova

AI in home appliances - microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, etc.

Patrik Lukac

AI in military

David Krak

Robonaut / SAR-400 - space robots

Juraj Hruska

Darpa Robotics challenge - close study

Peter Babic

Practical exercise


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Center for Intelligent Technology is equipped with 16 NAO Humanoid Robots for research and educational purposes towards Intelligent technologies.

Annually the branch of AI finishaprx. 25 people in Bc. and MSc. . PhD level is also very active - we do have 11 alumni in AI past 15 years in branch of AI.